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Marketing Wine to Young People May 18, 2007

Posted by Brad in Business.

I used to write a wine blog but my ideas on wine marketing and young people lean more towards conceptual ideas than they do to daily posts so I have started writing a marketing installment series on the great wine blog www.GrapeThinking.com. The following is an excerpt from the first post that went up today:

To the Wine Community at Large:

I write to you as a firmly established member of what is typically called “Generation Y” and I have a bone to pick. Mainly it is a result of a recent phenomenon in the community, one I like to refer to as the “dumbing down of wine.” It seems to be an increasingly popular opinion that in order to bring wine to younger and newer audiences, wine needs to be brought down to “our level”. Unfortunately for the marketers it is almost instinctive by now that we will reject most things that people attempt to target to us. We like to adopt things ourselves. Look at the successes and failures in mainstream viral marketing. Most things that succeed do so because young people want to have them, not because they were told they need to have them.

Wine doesn’t need to change the way it is, but it does need to change the way young people are told about it. Some believe that wine has to be trendy or cool or fun or marketed like beer and hard alcohol to become popular with young people. They point to trends in marketing in music and magazines and tech gadgets and tailor their wine approach to these same tactics. The problem is that they are missing the ways in which wine has a competitive advantage.When it comes to young people, wine will never win a competition with beer or hard alcohol on trendiness or shock value or sex appeal. It’s like marketing a horse by telling people its a cow because you think cows are what people want…Finish reading at Grapethinking.com



1. Dave Fallarme - May 18, 2007

I just read the entire thread at Grapethinking, and I loved your ideas. I’ve always wondered why wine never “made it” among the college crowd.

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